The manufacturing index of many countries has declined, and the global economy is in a fog

by:Gewinn     2022-05-25
In June, the UK manufacturing PMI fell to 57.5 from 58.0 in May; France's PMI fell to a 6-month low of 54.8; Germany's June NTC/BME manufacturing PMI final value was 58.4 , expanded for the ninth consecutive month, but still slowed down from the 60 that reached 60 in March and April. Some economists said that the growth momentum of Germany's exports may start to slow; in the United States, the Chicago Purchasing Managers' Index fell to 59.1, down from 59.7 in May. Manufacturing in the euro zone recorded its slowest growth in four months in June, with its purchasing managers' index at 55.6, down slightly from 55.8 in May. Chris Williamson, chief economist at Markit, said the second-quarter data is likely to show that manufacturing output data has peaked and will slow in the coming months. The economic growth of China, India, Australia, South Korea and other countries has also further slowed down, coupled with the European sovereign debt problem and the stagnant US economy, the prospects for global economic recovery are foggy.
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