The material of CNC woodworking lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-21
We all know the wood CNC woodworking lathe is processed into a variety of mechanical, then decided to work efficiency is a big factor in numerical control woodworking lathe blades are of good quality or not. Good blade determines the lathe machining efficiency and quality. Below small make up to you to introduce the material of CNC woodworking lathe. Numerical control woodworking lathe blade material hardness: when cutting blades, to bear a lot of cutting force, but also inherit the chip deformation which is caused by high temperature. If the tool can work in such conditions without quickly dull or damaged, maintain its cutting ability, blade must have sufficient hardness, cutting tool material hardness are usually more than 60 HRC. Numerical control woodworking lathe blade material of red: the red sex said blade under high temperature condition to maintain its ability to cutting performance. Red sex, the better, cutting tool materials in high temperature resistant plastic deformation ability, strong ability to resist wear and tear is. In addition, the thermal conductivity of the blade material is also one aspect of said tool performance. Release the easier the better thermal conductivity, heat cutting, the cutting tool wear resistance, resistance to deformation ability is stronger. Wood lathe the toughness of the blade material: generally USES the impact of the cutting tool material toughness said the size of the blade toughness. Blade reflects the size of the cutting tool material resistance to brittle fracture toughness and the ability to resist collapse edge. Above all the material of CNC woodworking lathe is introduced, hoping to provide help for you.
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