The 'material preparation' process of 40 processes of solid wood furniture

by:Gewinn     2020-03-01
Ingredients are the key to making a piece of furniture. If the materials are well selected and well selected, the mortise and tenon structure will be well made and the furniture will be firm. Furniture ingredients this process is well done. Furniture not only looks beautiful, but also increases the value of furniture itself. Furniture ingredients are mainly based on the different parts of the furniture, choose the appropriate materials. Generally, attention should be paid to the texture, color and material size of wood. If you make legs with curve Radian, you should pay attention to how to cut the material to save the material, but also take into account the processing and production is more convenient (Easy to cut and form) At the same time, we should also pay attention to whether the patterns are beautiful, whether the patterns of the two doors are symmetrical, and whether the large plates can ensure the consistency of the texture of several pieces of wood. The texture direction of the four corners after being connected should be in the following direction, and it is necessary to avoid cracks, otherwise, there will be big trouble when scraping and planing materials. Solid wood furniture process- Material preparation 1 plate drying: control the moisture content of wood to 8%- 10%, it is not easy to burst after drying 2 balance: Place the dried wood for a period of time to restore its balance; 3 Material selection and ingredients: the hidden parts of wood products can be divided into three types: exterior materials, temporal materials and dark materials. Exterior materials are exposed outside, and internal materials are used inside products, such as internal gears and bottom plates. Dark materials refer to parts that cannot be seen under normal use, such as drawer guide rails, bag panels, etc. 4 rough planing: setting 5 wind shear for wool board: trimming length of wool board. 6 trimming: cut off the burrs that cannot be used on the Wool Board. 7 Distribution board: the material selection of wood distribution board is divided into straight grain and mountain grain, and the color matching is consistent. The width of the distribution board is reasonable according to the required width. When selecting materials for complete sets of solid wood preparation equipment, the internal cracks, end cracks, knots, Blue changes and dead wood parts should be removed. 8 cloth glue: evenly cloth glue between Wood, glue ratio: curing agent (10-15g), Panel glue (100g)The ratio is about 500 grams of glue each time. 9 panel assembly: use panel assembly machine to assemble wood. 10 aging: Leave for 2 hours to allow the glue to solidify. 11 sand planing: remove the extra glue between the wood. 12 sawing width determination: use a single-piece saw to set the width of the wood. 13 four-sided shaping: Wood is planed out according to the required shape. 14 health preservation: place the wood naturally for about 24 hours. Key points of production process: longitudinal multi-blade saw--Precision sawing machine (Conveyor and cutter Shaft) Ensure the stability of the sawing process of the board, no displacement in any direction except forward running of the board, and the size of the board is consistent. Automatic line for multi-sheet strip finishing-- The side strips on both sides are automatically separated, the ends and the longitudinal direction are automatically aligned, and the synchronous and stable transmission of multiple strips is ensured. The bottom of each strip is in contact with the equipment table-- Ensure that the upper and lower sides of the lath and the Saw section are in a vertical state to feed stably, with high surface quality and high stability. Panel stitching is an important part of material selection and batching. The panel includes table panel, stool panel, bench panel, cabinet door panel, side panel, back panel, etc. The joint matching is the joint of mortise and tenon joint between wood boards to ensure quality and pursue beauty. This is also the premise of material selection and blanking requirements. 1, the quality requirements of the puzzle :(1) The size, color and quality of the supplied plates meet the requirements of the drawings, and there is no obvious color difference between adjacent plates. (2)The diameter cutting plate surface is straight. The texture of the diameter cutting plate should be smooth, the wood defects should be removed, and the wood grain shape and material color should be well grasped. (3)The surface of the string cutting plate is reversed. The wood grain on the surface of the string cutting board is beautiful, but the shrinkage of the wood in the direction of the annual ring will cause unevenness, so it is better to reverse the direction of the end face of the board for the seam. (4)Panel configuration lines are relative. The wood grain of drawer panel has symmetrical and beautiful decorative effect, and we must grasp the variation of material and artistic beauty. (5)Carved wood planks are aligned. The curved wood grain is generally not spliced into the seam of the heartwood to the heartwood, mostly the sapwood to the sapwood. Only when the wood grain is straight or slightly curved, the condition of the heartwood to the heartwood appears. Try to combine the same kind of wood with each other, the wood boards with similar materials of soft and hard, and the wood boards with similar colors.
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