The mechanic way of CNC punch press

by:Gewinn     2020-03-29
CNC punching processing way 1) Single shot: a single complete punching, including straight line, arc distribution, the circular distribution, grid hole punching. 2) Same direction of continuous cutting: using rectangular mold overlap processing, can carry on the processing of long hole, trimming, etc. 3) More continuous cutting direction: using small mold machining way of big hole. 4) Eat: use small circular die with small interval for continuous strike arc processing way. 5) Single forming: according to the mold shape a shallow deep drawing forming processing way. 6) Continuous forming, molding processing way bigger than a mold size, such as large size blinds, rolled steel, roll the steps such as processing way. 7) Array shape: on the big board processing more than the same or different ways of workpiece machining. The above is the chengtong CNC punch press machining way. More punch manipulator manufacturers, punch manipulator on WWW. gmrcsk。 Com, we sincerely service for you.
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