The mechanical safety operation specification is what?

by:Gewinn     2020-04-29
Machinery is a kind of common woodworking machinery, when use in strict accordance with the safety operation specification, once appear, the wrong operation, is likely to lead to mechanical failure, cause production lag, then machinery manufacturers talk about safety operation specification of what? 1, the operator must be familiar with the performance of the machine before operation, use and operation considerations, green it is forbidden to separate computer operation. 2, the operator must wear appropriate clothes during operation, are not allowed to wear gloves, the operator shall not be close to work the machine. The operator can't long hair, not a necklace, in order to avoid damage by the machine. 3, check before starting the security guard is reliable positioning, look for tools or foreign bodies in parts. 4, in case of sticking in the operation of the machine, must stop in time, after waiting for the machine stopped to adjust. 5, when using the tool, please do not use deformation or fracture of cutting tools; Before operation, please check whether the surface is clean, whether can be saw activity, whether completely lock, tool running speed not more than a high speed. After 6, maintenance or repair, ensure that all safety devices or cover back, to start the machine. 7, the operator for things to leave jobs must be turned off, put an end to mix in the operation. 8, when the machine abnormal, should immediately stop the professional repair, maintenance to ensure the supply disconnected. 9, before coming off work have to clean the machine around the sawdust, stockpile of sawdust, is not allowed on the motor and the daily maintenance of the equipment. 10, this machine for someone special machinery, the operators are strictly forbidden to boot operation, determined the operator consequences. Last reminder: machine operators must be familiar with mechanical performance before operation, use and operation considerations, untrained grantee, no boot without authorization. Above is the mechanical safety operation specification, please be sure to remember!
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