The method of numerical control punch press sheet

by:Gewinn     2020-03-25
Preventing the formation of CNC punch press sheet method: if rushed on a plate is porous, because the plate is not flat. May lead to deformation of the surrounding material, sheet metal on the surface caused by tensile stress, whereas compressive stress in the surface. For CNC punching machine to prevent the deformation of sheet metal phenomena we should every other Kong Chong cutting, cutting back and the rest of the hole. So although also can produce stress, but reduce the stress of stamping direction in the same order as the cumulative, also can make the two groups before and after hole stress cancel each other out, thus preventing deformation of sheet metal CNC punch. Easy my company main products are CNC punch press, CNC punch press, CNC turret punch press, is the most professional manufacturers of CNC punch press across the country, is the core of shandong forging machinery manufacturing enterprises, is one of the member of China machine tool corporation. Standardization, quality control of the whole optimization, to ensure that the product performance, laid the foundation of the company's development. Integration, terminal after-sales service, remove the trouble back at home of users
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