The necessity of numerical control woodworking lathe working fast

by:Gewinn     2020-04-24
Workpiece clamping work is one of the essential condition for numerical control woodworking lathe, only under the premise condition of workpiece clamping, ability won't because the vibration amplitude is too large or lathe is artifacts caused by the role of external forces to a certain extent, position deviation, more can guarantee the safety of our workers in the job, in the process of operation to ensure its safety. Here small make up to you to introduce what conditions the clamping device shall be necessary. 1. Reliable clamping process, don't change after the workpiece positioning correct position occupied. 2. Clamping force of the appropriate size, should not only guarantee the stability of its position in the process of machining workpiece constant, small vibration, and won't produce too much to make the workpiece clamping deformation. 3. Operation simple and convenient, safety, energy saving. 4. Good structural, clamping device of nc lathe factory structure simple, compact and easy to manufacture and maintenance. Only master a certain technology, certain skills, in the future operation or you just have more experience on installation; We sincerely invite you to visit, in view of the choose and buy of numerical control woodworking lathe, technical problems and so on related issues, we will give you the most satisfactory answer!
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