The new concept machine tool will create a market size of 50 million yen

by:Gewinn     2022-05-16
Judging from the existing operation mode, the number of machine tools in the world is currently about 10 million. Assuming that the average price of each machine tool is 12 million yen, and the annual renewal rate is 15% (the deterioration factors of aging and staleness are 7% and 8%, respectively), the market size of the machine tool that needs to be updated is 18 million yen. . Japanese industry experts predicted a few days ago that the new concept machine tool combined with information technology to cooperate with the new production operation mechanism to drive the update of related equipment will create a market size of 50 million yen in the future. According to reports, the demand forecast for new concept machine tools is mainly based on factors such as aging, obsolete, renewal needs and replacement needs. Among them, aging refers to the natural deterioration of time changes, which is related to the depreciation period of the equipment. Corruption refers to the deterioration of backward technology. This deterioration will accelerate with the acceleration of technology update, and the resulting demand belongs to the replacement demand, such as discarding three equipment with backward technology and introducing a new high-function equipment. .
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