The new remote-controlled robot developed by Russia can replace people to complete dangerous work

by:Gewinn     2022-05-30
Alexander Permyakov, general manager of the Russian non-governmental organization AndroidTechnics, said that Russian companies are developing humanoid robots that can completely replace human beings in the future to complete work in dangerous conditions. Permyakov said that between 2010 and 2015, AndroidTechnics and Russia's Central Institute of Mechanical Engineering developed a robotics system for remote scientific experiments, control and maintenance of scientific and technological instruments and other robots in outer space under real-time conditions . 'The replica control mode uses special clothing that allows the operator to feel the force with which the robot controls tools, such as the Robonaut-2, TelesarV, SAR-400, SAR-401 and Justin,' Permyakov said. robot.” He said that in the remote control mode, the robot can be controlled continuously. Permyakov also noted: 'Exoskeleton technology also includes strength solutions for increasing human muscle strength.' He concluded: 'This also has practical implications for lunar and Mars exploration, where robotic systems can be deployed to sites. , prepare internal cabins and external infrastructure, and repair facility structures without exposing personnel to life-threatening conditions. The application of humanoid robotics systems can improve spaceflight efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance astronaut job safety.”
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