The operation of second-hand woodworking machinery safety requirements

by:Gewinn     2020-09-24
The operation of second-hand woodworking machinery safety requirements

second-hand woodworking machinery is the replacement of wood processing semi-finished products processing has become one of the major machinery, wood products for safety operation of woodworking machinery, we should understand what safety requirements?

1, the knife shaft second-hand woodworking machinery and electric spreading device securely in loading and unloading or replacement tool and can be cut off power supply when maintenance and keep the disconnected position, to prevent electric shock source switch or a sudden power supply start-up mechanical and cause personal injury accidents.
2, to produce noise, wood dust or volatile harmful gas equipment connected to mechanical operation of the configuration and the noise elimination, vacuuming or ventilation, to eliminate or reduce the occupational hazards and safeguard the safety and health of workers.
3, according to the & other Wheel will cover, shaft and set of cover and saw blade saw blade cover, plane, cutting block, safety device feed & throughout; All kinds of woodworking machinery configuration according to the requirement of the corresponding safety protection device, in particular operation of contact face a danger with his hands, and must have a safety protection measures.
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