The operation of second-hand woodworking machinery seven steps

by:Gewinn     2020-09-24
Second-hand woodworking machinery operating seven steps

1, the boot after, can feed after sawing machine to achieve the highest speed. Feed rate should be based on wood material; With or without knots, cracks and processing thickness control. Feeding to steady, slow, not too hard, in case of damage to the saw blade, saw blade, and cuts. Hand
2, feed, and cutting tools should maintain a certain distance, use of push stick when necessary.
3, guide adjustment shall be in operation.
4, operation of the circular saw, feeding should cooperate with and work well. Feeding worker stood on the blade profile. Wood jig, should stop immediately, after sawing curf insert wedge extended road continue to operate.
5, the chip on both sides of the saw blade, bark, wood chips and other sundry, should be removed with sticks, may not be directly by hand to remove, so as to avoid hurting hands. Mechanical operation of the
6, about 30 min, cut off power supply, touch the spindle bearings are fever, such as high temperature should be shut down, report the relevant personnel.
7, check the safety device fixed screw, nut loose.

pay attention to the problem in the process of operation of second-hand woodworking machinery:

1, the operation of second-hand woodworking machinery, should cut off power supply, check the Lord. Shaft bearing and switch whether fever, such as found switch fever, may be poor contact or loose connection, should reflect the early take measures to relevant personnel.
2, cleaning machinery and equipment, with the pump or broom to clean up the scene, check whether screw, nut loose or fall off.
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