The operation of woodworking polisher how safety standards?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-22
Objective: in order to users more secure, efficient, standardized use of woodworking polisher. Use instructions: 1, wood polishing machine equipment operation using personnel before formal operation is useful to understand the function of the equipment, through the practice, my company's early about dilettante block computer operating alone. 2, the operator must work when using shall not wear loose-fitting coat, should pay attention to dress, Such as tie necklace loose clothing, etc. ) , otherwise, it will constitute a safety hazard. 3, equipment, safety equipment to be punctual in view, do not tear open outfit freely. 4, officially opened the equipment before please first confessed all switch is in the OFF position, before put into produce on the degree of cleanliness and sharp silly stay to look at it. 5, wood polishing machine equipment set up by the fender has the primary effect of maintenance, so don't be short. 6, setting processing parameters must be reasonable, make the equipment load condition for a long time can affect the life spans and function of the equipment. , 7, operation personnel, once artifacts in carrying on his hands will immediately from, workpiece out evenly in wear, abrasive belt and rubber wheel force uniform, avoid uneven wear, shorten the use of abrasive belt life spans. 8, the day job back end to try to clean out the equipment list, when you pick up internal will sandpaper revoked. 9, useful wood polishing machine operation process is a temporary continuous equipment, such as rendering anomalies shall promptly to question reaction to repair service personnel. Conclusion: reasonable specification useful wood polishing machine equipment not only can add capacity but also extends the utilization of useful life spans distances for the user more value, so be sure to do a good job in every detail. Assumptions about the wooden door polishing machine equipment do you have any other professional information needs to know to pass messages to response to us, we will have to reply to you about sex, may directly dial screen at the top of the contact way!
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