The parts of the wood lathe needs regular cleaning

by:Gewinn     2020-04-29
Wood lathe is the main machine for wood processing. But in the use of time because of some wood debris or dust fall in above. Long time not to clean up can cause great harm. At the same time on the wood lathe in machining time can also cause certain harm, affect the normal work. Time is long will also make the devices become dim, rust. So to clean the equipment is very important, each of the parts cleaning is very important. Below we will give your action to the work of cleaning the parts. Identification before cleaning first determines the damage form and the wear degree of lathe parts, parts after the demolition of benchmark parts and testing parts must be thoroughly clean, clear of these areas is not fine, it doesn't work out the correct repair plan machine cleaning importance influence the fitting precision of parts surface debris, dust cleaning carefully. If cleaning is unqualified, can lead to early wear of mechanical damage or accident. Various small pieces, parts cleaning the parts cleaning quality will directly affect the work performance, even can't work normally. Equipment cleaning measures after the wood lathe mostly four some stainless steel or iron products, at the end of the cleaning should be suitable for drying, or it will cause rusty phenomenon, so late in the wood processing will encounter a series of problems. Wood lathe of every component directly about lathe using convenience, reasonable to proper cleaning of the lathe, the parts are clean, not only for later use smooth also can prolong the life time of the equipment, high-density hong xin da CNC machinery welcome your call!
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