The performance characteristics of all kinds of sanding machine?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-20
All sorts of sanding machine is suitable for different occasions, different plate need different sanding process. Next, we will discuss the different types of performance characteristics. 1. Ordinary ordinary sanding machine sanding machine configuration power smaller, frame lighter, smaller size, lighter weight, smaller roller grinding force, overload operation is easy to damage, but the price is lower and is suitable for the small-scale production and use. 2. Heavy sanding machine heavy sanding machine has big power, big frame weight, model, type, sanding roll grinding force, great strength, durability and other characteristics, but the price is about 30% higher than ordinary sanding machine, suitable for mass production and use. 3. Improve the sanding machine elevated sanding machine was developed on the basis of the heavy sanding machine and sanding machine. Lifting height adjustable table 0 to 650 mm, customized sanding machine lift range can be more than 1 m. 4. Bilateral one-time double-sided sanding machine sanding machine structure complex, adjust the inconvenience and high cost. Can only use large plate processing enterprises. 5. Primer sanding machine polishing machine specially used for polishing primer sanding machine.
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