The performance characteristics of wood sanding machine and parameters

by:Gewinn     2020-06-22
Performance characteristics: 1: the machine is suitable for thick sanding, fine sanding surface treatment of various plates of 2: transport platform lift microcomputer digital control, easy operation, high precision 3: roller adopts the backstop device, avoid plate rebound hurt 4: in the process of processing imported photoelectric control abrasive belt swing 5: two groups of sanding roll available on thick at the same time, also can use sanding pad fine polishing 6: cut large amount of sand, the high precision sanding 7: import original, the 'light, machine, electricity, gas integration, reliable running 8: equipped with failure indicator, a failure to facilitate found treatment, lifting platform automatically drops, ensure the workpiece condition 9: the machine is joinery board, laminated, particle board, integrated timber, and the first selection of rubber materials, non-ferrous metal materials processing equipment technical parameters: the processing width: 1000 mm thickness processing: 2 - 110毫米( Option2 - 350毫米) Conveyor belt speed: 5 - Total 25 m/min motor power: 27. 93kw( 15/11/0. 25/0. 18/1. 5) Abrasive belt size: 1020 * 2000 mm working pressure: 0 or higher. 55 mpa dimension ( Length x width x height) : 1780 * 1560 * 2005 mm weight: 2000 kg
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