The pioneer of European cutting-edge machine tool manufacturing technology

by:Gewinn     2022-05-03
'The Chinese branch is the only branch of the company in the world. Building a platform and seeking common development is the purpose of today's meeting and the development purpose of the Spanish Nicolas Crea Group. We are very willing to manufacture equipment for Fujian Province. The development of the industry provides advanced equipment and technical strength.' On September 28, the Fujian Province Equipment Manufacturing Industry (Quanzhou Nan'an) Project Matchmaking Conference was held in Nan'an City. The European cutting-edge machine tool manufacturing technology promotion conference hosted by Spain's Nicolas Crea Group, Dr. Johannes Heidenhain (China) Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu SUMEC Group was held at the same time. The opening remarks by Igonacio, general manager of the Asia region of the Spanish Nicholas Crea group company, laid the foundation for the success of the promotion meeting. According to General Manager Igonacio, Spain's Nicolas Correa S·A has been the No. 1 manufacturer of large and medium-sized machining centers in the European market for six consecutive years, and is also the only two machine tools in Europe. The manufacturer has obtained the European management honorary certificate EFQM, and its gold content is higher than ISO9001. Group President Mr.EgurenGonzales was the last president of the European Machine Tool Industry Association. As the sales champion of large and medium-sized milling machines and machining center products in Europe, Nicholas Crea Machine Tool has more than 60 years of professional manufacturing history, and its products have been proven in the market and are mature and reliable. This year is the fifth year that Nicholas Crea Machine Tool has entered the Chinese market. The sales volume of its products has exceeded 100 units. It is an important brand of major European large-scale machining centers in the Chinese machine tool market, and the number of machine tools in the Chinese market has risen the fastest. A large European machining center manufacturer. Song Yunyang, the company's sales manager, told reporters that the group invests more than 6.3% of its annual sales in technology research and development, making it a leading technology company in the industry. Its milling head manufacturing technology has always been in the leading position in the industry, from a powerful mechanical automatic differential milling head to a 0.02-degree differential milling head with higher torque and multi-angle machining, to a milling head that takes into account economic benefits and efficiency. All make colleagues admiration. It is reported that many models of Nicholas Crea have won European industrial and design awards. At present, the main models of Nicholas Crea machine tools are FP gantry type machining center, DIANA bed type vertical and horizontal dual-purpose machining center and floor boring and milling machine. DIANA vertical and horizontal machining center models, with its outstanding quality, together with the best-selling FP gantry machining center models, were preferentially imported into China for assembly and manufacturing by the headquarters in 2006, and will be exported to the world in the near future. The successful holding of the European Frontier Machine Tool Manufacturing Technology Promotion Conference in Nan'an City, Fujian Province has brought an example to the transformation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry in Fujian Province. Chairman of Fujian Machinery Industry Federation Chen Wenzhao said that the convening of the promotion meeting will further promote the technical exchanges and economic and trade cooperation of the equipment manufacturing industry in Fujian Province, promote the sound and rapid development of the equipment manufacturing industry, and enable production enterprises, product demanders, scientific research Institutions and other parties achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. Zheng Jinfeng, chairman of Fujian Weifeng Precision Machine Tool Co., Ltd., told reporters that this is a cutting-edge machine tool manufacturing technology delivered to your door. Usually, you may not see these recommendations when you visit Europe. It is reported that Fujian Weifeng Precision Machine Tool, Fujian Chenggong Machine Tool and many other equipment manufacturing enterprises in Fujian Province have purchased equipment from the Spanish company Nicolas Crea.
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