The preparations for the 26th Spanish International Machine Tool Biennale are in full swing

by:Gewinn     2022-04-29
After saying goodbye to the dull 3-6 months, the commercial promotion of the 26th Spanish International Machine Tool Biennale (BIEMH) has begun. Expected to be held from May 31st to June 5th next year, the exhibition is of special significance because it is held at a critical time, revealing the impact of the economic crisis on the trade and technological development of capital goods manufacturers. As the co-organizers of BIEMH 2010, the Spanish Machine Tool Industry Association and the Bilbao Convention and Exhibition Center have decided to maintain the same rental price as the previous Biennale, and will provide some additional special services according to the size of the rented space, in addition to priority reservation, Installment payment, special supporting services for booth decoration, etc. The preparations for the exhibition are in full swing. BIEMH is one of the major events in the European machine tool industry, and its stable development has consolidated its position as a leading professional exhibition in the machine tool industry. The 25th Spanish International Machine Tool Biennale held in 2008 brought together manufacturers and buyers from 36 countries, who gathered in this international exhibition, occupying all 6 exhibition halls of the Convention and Exhibition Center. There were 1,761 exhibiting units and 50,712 trade visitors. The exhibition will be organized in the following areas: cutting and forming machine tools, other mechanical devices (welding, flame cutting and surface treatment), machine tools, parts, components and accessories, production automation systems, measurement and quality control and services . The 26th BIEMH was originally scheduled to achieve the highest technical quality and meet the commercial needs of exhibitors and visitors.
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