The present situation and the development of CNC punching machine, numerical control technology

by:Gewinn     2020-03-28
The rapid development of computer technology to promote the upgrading of numerical control technology, which is increasingly perfect the function of CNC punching machine and high precision, high speed and high efficiency. On behalf of the world's advanced level of CNC system producers in Europe, America, Japan using industrial software and hardware resources, the development of new generation CNC system with open architecture, namely the development of numerical control system can run in a unified platform, for the end user, through the change, increase or clipping object structure ( Nc functions) , forming a series, and can easily integrate the user's special application and know-how to control system, the rapid implementation of different varieties, different class products development. Open architecture numerical control system has a better generality, flexibility, adaptability, scalability, and to develop in the direction of intelligent and networking. In recent years, due to cutting quality and working environment of the demand is higher and higher, the market demand of its corresponding product in our country is rising year by year. In CNC milling machine equipment manufacturing industry in our country, because of the lack of theoretical study and production practice of cutting mechanism of phase transformation, the new technology, new product development speed, has restricted the further development and application of numerical control milling machine technology.
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