The principle of design of woodworking machinery

by:Gewinn     2020-09-23
Design principle of woodworking machinery

1) multifunctional woodworking machinery components design so-called multi-function component is a component with multiple function. In organization operation process can produce multiple useful action. Pushing the component in the feeding mechanism, for example, there are both push expect a role and the function of positioning clamping in clamping mechanism, compression artifacts has both compaction effect and function of positioning; In a reciprocating motion that touches on travel switch components. Both the triggering mechanism for the effect of inverse kinematics, and promote the function of the counter for record. The component versatile design, can make the structure simple, compact and smart, stable and reliable operation.

(2) the mechanism of the exchange mechanism is simple and reliable motion transformation, according to the use of functional requirements and technical conditions, selecting rational institutions, to simple institutions can reliably realize the movement form and the movement direction of transformation can easily work force and position control. Mechanism type selection, want to consider its inherent features, such as: retarding mechanism will save Labour and run a smooth function. It's not on the other hand, the growth mechanism and effort or not smooth but has increased, Or increase the Angle) And time delay.
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