The qualities of our press manipulator excellent standing in the industry first

by:Gewinn     2020-04-03
We the WWW. gmrcsk。 Com is the most professional punch manipulator, mechanical parts, CNC punch press manufacturers, products are widely used in sheet metal processing, chassis cabinets, high and low voltage switchgear, ship electrical cabinets, mesh processing, instruments and meters, cover can, amusement equipment, solar energy and other industries. Stamping manipulator is on the basis of automation equipment, according to the characteristics of stamping production, specialized research and development for the realization of stamping unmanned automation production equipment. The basic principle is similar, but it may cost aspects will be different! A pneumatic manipulator cylindrical coordinates. Used to press automatic feeding. The structure of the manipulator and the working condition can be seen in our propaganda album. Material piling up in the storage barrel, by the manipulator to take out one piece to the hydraulic press. Stamping manipulator in order to adapt to the production requirements of flexibility, all press control function should be integrated, so as to realize a full set of mould menu management, mainly including the slider stroke adjustment, in the pressure of the balancer, air cushion stroke adjustment and automatic control system and so on each link of the parameter Settings.
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