The rapid development of industrial robots has a huge impact on the US auto manufacturing industry

by:Gewinn     2022-05-24
In all walks of life, the automotive industry is undoubtedly one of the industries with the highest degree of automation. According to relevant media reports, statistics show that by 2018, the number of industrial robots in the US automotive industry will reach 1,141 units per 10,000 workers, closely following Germany's And Japan has become the country with the third highest density of robots in the world's automobile manufacturing industry. An economic report released by the White House showed support for industrial robots, pointing out that the growing deployment of robots and digital communications will be the determining factor for the continued and steady development of its productivity, and robots will play a central role in its national economic growth. , has huge potential. From the perspective of the North American Free Trade Area including the United States, Canada and Mexico, the growth rate of industrial robots in the automobile manufacturing industry is also gradually accelerating, and the demand for industrial robots is as high as 55%. Total investment in the region has continued to rise over the past five years and is now around 40% higher than in 2010. Represented by the United States, its automobile manufacturing industry has experienced rapid development, and the number of automobiles and light commercial vehicles it produces is second only to my country's own production. Undoubtedly, with the rapid development of industrial robots in the manufacturing industry, it will promote the development of the entire manufacturing industry and robot technology, and then drive changes in the industrial structure of the entire society. The various problems revealed by the company are no longer just a little clue.
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