The reason why South Korea's Doosan was able to join the global 'winners'

by:Gewinn     2022-04-20
On September 13, 2010, the American Machine Tool Show 'IMTS 2010' (September 13-18, 2010, at the McCormick Convention Center) opened in Chicago. Compared with the previous exhibition held two years ago, the most striking thing this time is that the 'face' of the machine tool manufacturers who set up booths in the front row of 'Hall A' in the South Hall has changed. Haas Automation from the host country retreated to the second row, while South Korea's Doosan Infracore rose to the front row. IMTS has four exhibition halls in the south, south and northwest. The one that attracts the most visitors is Hall A, where world-renowned machinery manufacturers gather. The front of the hall near the entrance will be occupied by powerful manufacturers. There are 5 booths in the front row. In addition to Doosan Construction Machinery, there are Yamazaki Mazak, Okuma, Makino Milling Co., Ltd. of Japan, Mori Seiki Co., Ltd. and Gildemeister of Germany, which cooperated in business capital in 2009. alliance. Except for the alliance between Mori Seiki and Jitmai, and the fact that Mori Seiki has set up a separate booth at the last exhibition because the two companies have not yet cooperated, the front row is still occupied by the 'old faces' of Japanese manufacturers. Since Doosan Infracore was also ranked in the top row, alongside well-known Japanese manufacturers, it gave visitors the impression that it had joined the global 'Successor's Club'. The number one reason for the company's leap forward is price. Compared with models of the same level of Japanese manufacturers, 'the price is 20% lower, and there are products that are 40% cheaper among low-priced models' (Doosan employees). The company has been making use of this advantage, steadily improving quality such as machining accuracy. In order to strengthen the talent strategy, Doosan not only enriched internal training, but also increased recruitment efforts. In order to obtain outstanding graduates, the company's president and president personally went to famous universities such as Seoul National University and Korea University for recruitment. According to Doosan, in order to compete with well-known Korean companies such as Samsung Electronics for outstanding graduates, the company has also taken measures such as raising salary levels. In order to strengthen its technical strength, the company has increased the number of technical personnel, and the proportion of technical employees in all employees has been increased to 80%. In addition, in order to increase the probability of achieving results, the management system has also been strengthened. The annual target plan for each employee is formulated, and the manager confirms the progress every month. The achievement of goals will be reflected in salary and promotion evaluation. Since most of the functions installed in the company's machine tools follow Japanese manufacturers, compared with the products of Japanese manufacturers, there are almost no more prominent features such as independent functions. Its behavior can be regarded as the implementation of a thorough 'imitation strategyHowever, the difference between the company and Taiwan and mainland Chinese manufacturers who also adopt imitation strategies is that 'it will carefully study the products of Japanese manufacturers and imitate machine tools with the best functions' (a well-known Japanese machine tool manufacturer). Therefore, compared with other Japanese manufacturers' products, Doosan Infracore's machine tools will have a functional advantage. Moreover, the company develops and produces various types of machine tools and has a rich product line, which has played a supporting role in the good sales performance. For U.S. agencies that handle both Japanese manufacturers and Doosan Infracore products, cheaper products are easier to sell. In addition, if a manufacturer has a complete range of models, it is easier to sell its products comprehensively. This is because it is much less troublesome than operating models from different manufacturers depending on the type. This seems to have threatened Japan's professional manufacturers. In the future, it is estimated that Doosan Infracore will gradually narrow the price gap with Japanese manufacturers' products. For example, the company plans to expand sales in the U.S. market in the future, and the price of the 5-axis control machining center (MC) 'VC 630/5AX). Setting such a 'tough' price shows the company's confidence in its technology and quality.
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