The role of flat planer workbench before

by:Gewinn     2020-04-25
Wool processed surface is compared commonly coarse, and has a certain degree of bend and warping, in the process of wool is planing on the workbench and stability directly affect the machining precision of workpiece. Should take its surface when bending processing wool as the datum for the dished. As long as the wool surface concave length is less than the former workbench. In the process of relative sliding wool and working mesa. Processed on the surface of a number of supporting points on the workbench of bearing surface height change is stable. Easy to obtain more accurate plane. Flat plane, however, when the length of the wool length is greater than the former workbench, and processed under the surface of the workpiece is concave, wool in moving forward on the rise, so the wool on the former work supporting plane is very unstable, as a result, poor processing out of the plane of the flat in laymen. Position of unstable factors influence bearing surface height is mainly wool length, thickness and degree of surface roughness and warping. However, continue to move forward along the workbench when wool and through the knife shaft reaches a certain length ( 200 - 300毫米) Operators of wool front-end pressure point has moved to the workbench, then after cutting processing is workbench for datum. Because in the front of the wool processing flat and have can be used as a tomb. So, when the work is located in the former stage of wool bend shall not affect the processing, can get considerably the processed surface of the workpiece. Due to start planing woollen bearing surface is not stable, in fact by a vertical plane cutting processing, wool cannot fully accurate plane. So, in order to get accurate benchmark and. Generally will processed by several times, and with the increase of the number of times, uneven wool must face gradually been planing, precise plane can be achieved. On HaiRong woodworking machinery also provides automatic feeding flat plane, the safety coefficient, the efficiency can be improved.
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