The role of woodworking machinery manufacturers, woodworking milling machine lifting platform

by:Gewinn     2020-05-02
Woodworking machinery manufacturers woodworking milling machine not only has a lathe bed, beams, lifting platform is also a very important device, woodworking machinery manufacturer in woodworking milling machine has a very important role in the process of operation. Next, woodworking machinery manufacturers explain it for you! First of all, the lifting platform is the workbench's support in lifting platform installation longitudinal table of the milling machine, horizontal workbench and turntable. Woodworking machinery manufacturers, feed motor and feed shift gear is an independent components, installed in the left side before of the lifting platform, make the lift table, vertical table and the horizontal moving workbench. Woodworking machinery manufacturers transform feed speed is controlled by a mushroom shape handle, allow variable speed under the condition of the drive. Second, the woodworking machinery manufacturers, lifting platform can move along the bed of the vertical guide rail. Woodworking machinery factory under the lifting table has a vertical screw, it not only make the lifting platform lifting, and supporting the lifting platform. Finally, woodworking machinery manufacturers, transverse workbench and lifting platform of motor operation depend on lifting platform on the left side of the handle to control, control handle has two, is the linkage. Handle has five position: up, down, forward, backward, and stop, five position is interlock. Woodworking machinery manufacturer before using woodworking milling machine, we need to woodworking machinery manufacturer in the component part of milling machine for full understanding, so as to ensure smooth operation.
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