The Russian market has a large demand for machine tools and mainly relies on imports

by:Gewinn     2022-05-30
Russian Business Consulting Network reported on July 24 that Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev pointed out at the Russian Machine Tool Development Conference today that the Russian domestic market has a great demand for machine tools. By 2015-2017, only the annual demand in the defense industry will be It is about 100 billion rubles (1 US dollar is about 32 rubles). He said that in 2012, the demand for machine tools in Russia increased by 13%, reaching 3 billion US dollars. In general, the development of Russia's machine tool industry is far from ideal. The scale of Russian metallurgical processing equipment ranks more than 30 in the world, and the machine tool manufacturing industry is far from ideal. The proportion of GDP is only 0.03%, while this indicator in China is close to 1%. At present, 90% of Russia's machine tools rely on imports. May pointed out that Russia should change the current status of the machine tool industry, speed up the modernization of defense industrial enterprises, increase the supply capacity of modern technical equipment, and within the framework of the federal special plan, concentrate funds to expand the production capacity of machine tool equipment.
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