The safe usage of numerical control woodworking lathe what code

by:Gewinn     2020-04-20
The invention and use of numerical control woodworking lathe greatly improve the efficiency of our work, get the favour of a lot of customers. But we must remember, safety first, in the process of using the body is the capital of revolution, so should be how to safeguard their own security? Small make up will introduce you to the next numerical control woodworking lathe the safe use of the code of conduct. 1. Square timber, must first be processed into the cylinder at the lathe processing. Have a scar or crack of wood, is not allowed on the lathe cutting. 2. Check the various parts of the lathe equipment and workers, fixture, flexible and reliable. Workpiece clamping and plunger top tight, turn the test run by hand, after confirmation in good condition, can begin to work, and according to the hard and soft wood parts, choose the appropriate feed rate and rotational speed adjustment. 3. In the process of turning shall not hand over to check the work smooth. Use sand paper burnish, should first will take place after you remove tool rest. The lathe turns, can't use hand brake. Above is the arrangement of numerical control woodworking lathe for everybody the safe use of rules, you are welcome to stay in this web site for more information.
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