The safety of woodworking machinery products has been slowly specification

by:Gewinn     2020-04-27
Safety of woodworking machinery products has slowly specification as the safety of woodworking machinery products is more and more attention, all countries in the world have formulated the safety standards and safety norms, the European Union, as the world economic free zone, has to rise to the height of the law of mechanical product, with the development and mature of woodworking machinery technology, a series of technical indexes of the safety of woodworking machinery products has formed in the world for woodworking machinery safety indexes of technical content, and constitute a fundamental basis to carry out conformity pingdu woodworking machinery products. Type product certification system has become a country with the basic form of product safety and quality supervision work, is to control the country, the region's products and domestic, regional market of foreign product quality and safety of the basic means, all the world's developed countries and some developing countries have implemented the system. For general product, the certification using the principle of resource, and security, health, environmental protection of important product and related to international people's livelihood, any country is to implement mandatory management, through legislation, compulsory certification. Products according to the laws, regulations and standard system certification, to be executed by the product sells to area of law, regulations and standards system to decide. Therefore, products sold to European market in accordance with, the eu directive, coordinating standards and conformity assessment procedures, mainly on the basis of the eu coordination test standard CE certification - can be achieved - - - - - - A passport to enter the eu market. Many countries of the world on the basis of their relevant law established the corresponding product certification system, especially to affect the health and safety of product safety certification system implementation, in 1997 our country on the basis of the standardization law of the People's Republic of China, 'product quality law of the People's Republic of China' and 'product quality certification regulations on the administration of the People's Republic of China laws and regulations such as mechanical safety certification system is established,' standardization law 'stipulated in the' mandatory standard must perform, do not conform to the compulsory standards of the product is prohibited to produce, sell and import 'woodworking machinery safety certification on the basis of one of the compulsory standards such as GB12557 - to the nation 2000 'general principles of the woodworking machinery safety' and so on. A: woodworking machinery safety certification procedures under a: the scope of implementation of woodworking machinery product safety certification
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