The safety protection of woodworking sander and lubrication

by:Gewinn     2020-06-22
Safety protection and lubrication of the sanding machine 1. Safety of the machine safety protection is mainly aimed at the following aspects: ( 1) Pulley brake master of sports, when the machine failure occurs, such as towing or fracture, need to stop immediately. The abrasive belt effect on the safety switch, cut off the power supply of the electric motor, at the same time contact roller end of pneumatic brake immediately, but within 2 ~ 3 s clamping friction wheel, make contact roller to stop movement, friction wheel ( The brake wheel) Beside the pulley of the installation, in normal, the cylinder is not action, friction wheel with belt, when a failure occurs, the cylinder shaft, make the spring tension on the vise, drive the vise grip the friction wheel, friction wheel brake. The machine, the friction wheel up and down each one, the material is abrasion resistant cast iron. On the drawing, the principle diagram of the friction wheel brake did not draw. Due to the design data is limited, the aerodynamic problems, was not on the list of the weight. So its transmission principle figure don't make any shows. ( 2) Protection of the engine protection measures of the machine has the following several aspects: 1 rack and exposed part of the spraying green paint, to prevent the corrosion and rust, affect the appearance and service life of the machine tool. 2 check the important parts, such as whether the column strength enough stiffness, friction wheel is responsive, each place whether accord with a standard. 3 grease or oil on a regular basis, to strengthen the lubrication, prevent excessive wear of the machine. 2. Lubrication in those who have relative motion in the woodworking machine parts surface will cause varying degrees of wear due to friction, in order to control friction and reduce wear and lubrication must be strengthened. The effect of lubrication has the following several aspects: ( 1) Control the friction BSG2213 broadband sander 26 add lubricant between the friction surface, forming oil film, can reduce the friction coefficient, reduce frictional resistance. For example, under the condition of good liquid friction coefficient of friction can be reduced to zero. 001 is even lower. ( 2) Reduce friction losses only to choose suitable lubricant, can form good lubrication condition, avoid the destruction of the oil film, keep the parts with precision, thus greatly reducing the friction losses. ( 3) Reduce the temperature when the machine's operation, the consumption of friction mechanical energy is converted into heat energy, raise the temperature of friction parts. Used lubricating oil, can reduce the friction surface temperature, cooling, cooling effect, make the mechanical control within the temperature range required. ( 4) To prevent corrosion and protection of metal surface lubricant no corrosive action on metals, can isolate the moisture in the air and the corrosion of harmful medium, add machinery on the metal surface lubricant can have anticorrosive, antirust, and protect the metal surface. ( 5) Sealed lubricant is not only a lubrication, reduce friction, but also enhance the effect of sealing, prevent water wet or other dirt, impurities, into the friction which have good sealing effect. 3. 5 this chapter summary of broadband sander in this chapter has carried on the general layout design, and main functions of the native device at the beginning of the selected process, determine the structure of the machine, and puts forward the detailed technical requirements.
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