The scale of the Japan International Machine Tool Show has reached a new high

by:Gewinn     2022-05-11
From October 30 to November 4, 2008, 'The 24th Japan International Machine Tool Exhibition' will be held in Ariake International Exhibition Center, Tokyo. It is reported that about 600 exhibitors will participate in this year's exhibition, exceeding the number of exhibitors of 546 in the previous session, and the scale of the exhibition has reached a record high. Compared with the previous exhibition, the number of overseas exhibitors increased, including Shenyang Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd., the largest machine tool manufacturer in China. Yasuo Narita, Director of the Japan International Machine Tool Exhibition Bureau, said, 'Japanese manufacturers have a huge market share in the global machine tool market. Almost all Japanese manufacturers leading the industry's development trend will participate in the exhibition, and they will launch new products and new technologies at the exhibition for the first time. There are not a few manufacturers in the world. Therefore, among the many machine tool exhibitions in the world, the Japan International Machine Tool Exhibition has always attracted attention.” Industry insiders have paid a lot of attention to the exhibition. It is understood that the number of visitors to the last exhibition reached 130,000. , of which 7159 were overseas visitors. The '13th International Machine Tool Technician Conference' will also be held during the exhibition. As a platform for machine tool-related technology researchers, technicians and users to communicate, the conference, like the exhibition, is an event sponsored by the Japan Machine Tool Industry Association and the Tokyo Ariake International Exhibition Center. It is understood that the theme of this conference is 'Multi-axis compound machining machine tools that change the face of industrial manufacturing'. Under this theme, there will be a keynote speech session and three technical sub-sessions. Each sub-group will feature presentations by researchers and technicians from Japan and abroad who are active in the front line to introduce the most advanced technologies and their research and development.
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