The second series of inspection reports in the three countries of Eastern Europe, Russian machine tool industry

by:Gewinn     2022-06-01
From the end of May to the beginning of June 2011, a group of six people from China Machine Tool Industry Association visited Russia, Ukraine and Hungary, and visited the 'Russian International Machine Tool Equipment and Metal Processing Industry Exhibition MATALLOOBRABOTKA 2011' held in Moscow. , Ukrainian and Hungarian machine tool associations, inspected three machine tool manufacturing enterprises, a national electronic machinery equipment testing and certification center and visited an exhibition center venue, and also exchanged visits and exchanges with several machine tool associations at the exhibition. Through the inspection, we believe that my country's machine tool industry should give full play to its own advantages, take advantage of the opportunities of the transformation and development of Eastern European countries, actively seek technical cooperation, trade cooperation, financing mergers, investment and construction of factories, etc., and integrate into the Eastern European market as soon as possible. This investigation has achieved certain results, which will be introduced in the form of a series of articles. This article mainly introduces the relevant situation of the Russian machine tool industry. 1. Symposium with the Russian Machine Tool Association During the exhibition, the inspection team visited the Russian Machine Tool Association, was warmly received by President Vasilievich, and conducted in-depth and friendly exchanges. Affected by the financial crisis from 2008 to 2009, the Russian machine tool industry suffered a serious decline, and began to rebound in the second half of 2010. In 2010, with the overall recovery of the Russian economy, the automobile industry increased by 27%, and the machine tool industry increased by 14%. The Russian government has given great support to the industrial sector, with an expected GDP growth of 35-40% in 2011. The Russian government has issued two policies that will play a positive role in promoting the development of the Russian machine tool industry: First, the government will invest 1 billion US dollars in the machine tool industry from 2011 to 2016, of which 750 million US dollars will be used for product development, and 250 million US dollars will be used for Technological transformation to improve the production capacity of Russia's existing machine tool industry. The goal is to develop 50-60 new products every year. For new products developed, the import of similar machine tools is restricted within 3 years. From July 1, 2011, as long as the machine tools used in national defense and military industries are not allowed to be imported, the Machine Tool Association will be responsible for the review. Second, within five years from 2011, the Russian government will invest 300 billion US dollars in the construction of power facilities and nuclear power plants, mainly for the purchase of equipment. At the same time, Russia will invest 900 billion US dollars in military equipment (machine tools, warships, etc.) within 10 years, of which 400 billion US dollars will be used for the technical transformation of basic equipment. It can be seen that the Russian machine tool industry will receive unprecedented government support and huge market pull. It will undoubtedly play an important role in the rise of the Russian machine tool industry, and will also bring corresponding business opportunities to the global machine tool industry. 2. Russia SKBIS Factory The SKBIS factory is located in St. Petersburg and was established in 1988. It is divided into three parts from a factory that produces machinery and equipment. SKBIS is one of them. The company's factory building is part of the original machinery factory. The appearance of the factory building looks very old, but the interior is relatively neat. The company has 180 employees and mainly produces grating rulers and encoders and other products. The products are mainly used in domestic enterprises and have agents all over Russia. About 25% of the products are exported to the United States, and some products are also sold to China. The main parts of the linear grating and disc grating encoder produced by the company, such as grating scale, reading head, etc., are all manufactured by ourselves, and some electrical components are imported from abroad, of which the printed circuit board is from China. The engraving machine of Guanjian equipment for the production of grating rulers is a self-designed and manufactured equipment with a special structure. Four sets of wire ropes and pulleys are used to suspend the engraving machine at the four corners. This structure has good shock resistance and high marking accuracy. The control part of the encoder is designed and manufactured by the company itself, and the adjustment precision of the mechanical part is high. The smallest encoder diameter is φ8mm. The company produces mid-range grating encoders, which are matched with mid-range CNC machine tools. At present, there is a large demand in the market. The company has mastered the core technology of engraving grating scales and manufacturing encoders. Therefore, sales have been increasing in recent years, and the development prospects are very good. . The development of the Chinese market. However, due to the lack of understanding and corresponding channels of the Chinese market, there are not many products sold to China at present. He said that he will participate in the China CNC Machine Tool Exhibition next year to enter the Chinese market as soon as possible.
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