The six characteristics of numerical control woodworking lathe for you recommend?

by:Gewinn     2020-03-30
Numerical control woodworking lathe for machining wood is perfect, there are several processing characteristics, need to introduce to everybody, so please give me some detailed understanding. 1, strong adaptability of processing object. Due to changes in the numerical control woodworking lathe machining parts, only need to program to implement new parts processing, it is different from the traditional wood lathe, don't need the manufacture, the replacement of many tools, fixture and measuring tool, more do not need to adjust the lathe. Therefore, CNC woodworking lathe can quickly from machining a part into a different kind of parts, this will create new product for single piece and small batch and provides a great convenience, not only shorten the production preparation cycle, and save the cost of a large number of tools. 2, high machining accuracy. Numerical control woodworking lathe is given in the form of digital instruction process, the current pulse equivalent of CNC woodworking equipment, can generally reach zero. 001 mm, and reverse feed transmission chain gap and the screw pitch error, etc all can compensate by numerical control device, so the numerical control woodworking lathe can achieve high machining accuracy and quality stability, and this is due to the numerical control lathe structure design take the necessary measures, and the characteristics of the mechanical and electrical combination. First is quoted in the structure of the ball screw nut structure, all kinds of structure to eliminate clearance, etc. , minimize the error between the mechanical transmission, followed by using the software compensation technology precision, reduce mechanical error further; The third is to use program control processing, reduce the influence of artificial factors on the machining accuracy. These measures not only ensures the high machining precision CNC woodworking lathe, but also ensure the stability of high machining quality. 3, high production efficiency. Parts processing time required to include two parts of the maneuver time and auxiliary time. Numerical control lathe can effectively reduce the two parts of time, so the machining productivity is much higher than normal woodworking lathe. CNC lathe spindle speed and feed is larger than the range of ordinary lathe, the range of every working procedure to choose more appropriate cutting dosage, at the same time, the stiffness of good allow large CNC woodworking lathe cutting force of cutting parameter, effectively save the maneuver time. Titanium hao machinery professional CNC lathe processing plants, fast moving and positioning of CNC lathe moving parts adopt measures for acceleration and deceleration, therefore chose high idle motion speed, consumption in fast forward, fast rewind and positioning time is much less than the general lathe. Numerical control woodworking lathe machining precision is stable, generally only for first article inspection and process between the key size of the sampling inspection, thus can reduce the time of the outage inspection. In library use a knife and automatic tool change device CNC woodworking lathe, on a lathe realizes multi-channel working procedure of continuous processing, reduce the turnaround time of semi-finished products, the production efficiency is more obvious. 4, good economic benefit. Using numerical control woodworking lathe processing parts, share in each part of the cost of equipment is relatively expensive, but in the case of single piece and small batch production, can cut down the cost of process equipment, auxiliary production hours, production and management costs and reduce scrap rate, etc. , so can obtain good economic benefits. 5, a high degree of automation. CNC woodworking lathe parts processing is done automatically according to the process of programmed in advance, the operator in addition to the operation panel, loading and unloading parts, key process in the middle of the measurements, and watching the movement of wood lathe, other action until it is processed, the lathe is done automatically and continuously, do not need to undertake heavy repetitive manual operation, the labor intensity and stress levels are greatly decreases, and working conditions have been improved accordingly. 6, is conducive to the modernization of production management. With numerical control woodworking lathe processing parts, can accurately calculate the processing time, and effectively simplifies the test and jig, the management of semi-finished products, all of these characteristics is beneficial to make the production management modernization. This time, even more understand CNC woodworking lathe.
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