The six part of numerical control woodworking lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-11
Nowadays, wood lathe and CNC technology have got the perfect combination of numerical control woodworking lathe changed the traditional mode of production, improve the production efficiency and quality, provides the convenience for production. So today, I just take you system meet the numerical control woodworking lathe. It is mainly composed of the following parts: the main control part: USES the high reliability of the numerical control module, the operating system: interface characters suggest all simple and direct input to the size of the set methods. Perform parts: using high precision stepper motor to ensure machining accuracy of sheet size. Feed section: the linear slide rail and ball screw drive, to ensure the linear movement of sheet metal. Drive part: adopt variable frequency speed regulation system, when the sheet metal in vibration can solve a problem by adjusting the rotational speed. Main parts: divided into single axial and biaxial, single chuck, can be mounted to the biaxial can two pieces of sheet metal processing, at the same time the production efficiency is very high. Auxiliary parts: used for the overall stability of solid lathe, reduce unnecessary work due to vibration trouble. Six big part of that is numerical control woodworking lathe, hope to be of service.
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