The status quo and development tendency of CNC punch press abroad

by:Gewinn     2020-03-25
CNC punch press technology development trend, according to incomplete statistics, at present foreign manufacturer of CNC punch press has several, that doesn't include some famous manufacturers subsidiary or branch in other countries. Since the advent of CNC turret punch press in recent years, along with numerical control technology, hydraulic pneumatic technology, motor components and the development of relevant technology such as computer, CNC punch press, the rapid development of Most manufacturers of high-end models specifications and functions) More than most, the user's imagination. Each manufacturer's product innovation unceasingly, colorful, both in order to avoid the existing patent technology, technology is also showing a sex, in order to compete for the market. CNC punch press technology of rapid progress with the impetus to the development of the auxiliary machinery, plate processing and the plethora of flexible systems and popularize is closely related to this also. Based on numerical control salt bed structure, technical indicators, to understand the development trend of numerical control punch. Many by external mechanical and electrical combination of the functions has become the numerical control system have the function, greatly simplified mechanical structure improves the reliability; More friendly man-machine interface. Numerical control system and the computer is more and more close, hard disk drives, the operating system as a platform easier to soft to host manufacturers personalized development, it is more convenient to use. Clamp security protection, for example: the numerical control system does not have clamp before software protection function, clamp impingement zone of the set is composed of multiple testing switch and jointly determine induction into boards, electrical and mechanical structure is complex, poor safety, and numerical control system memory the clamp position and time by the system software testing clamp operating position, rely on to protect the clamp, unless the software problems. Some famous CNC punch press manufacturer by purchase and the number of control system for secondary development, can make it more fit the characteristics of the machine tool, Have the automatic programming software of embedded nc system to make the scene programming is very simple) 。 The Finnish company three clamp program-controlled automatic transposition function can make precision parts from relocation, is benefiting from the rapid and pleasant of the CNC system. The secondary development of CNC system, the innovation of the machine tool structure still can make the operation more easy and convenient. Such as the system has a discharge display, real-time processing, automatic programming, clamp position code, machine tool operation data statistics ( Stamping number, running time, with a number of use, etc. ) Perfect fault diagnosis function, mechanical aspects appear constantly the auxiliary mould device, mould automatic lubricating oil mist lubrication, motion pair small channels, vacuum waste, hydraulic main drive, rotary die and mould device of fertility and new device structure, make the operation staff to maintain machine interference and less and less, non-production time shorter.
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