The structure of second-hand tablet

by:Gewinn     2020-09-24
The structure of the second-hand tablet

used tablet compact structure, beautiful shape, stable and reliable performance, low noise. In the process of production in our company, we have always been very pay attention to the quality of your goods, in the process of using tablet, we are using regular cleaning cleaning unit of tablet, about two or three days to clean it once two grating, use environment must be cleaned once three days. Tablet for 60 crmov work roll material, surface quenching after fine grinding, hardness is HRC58-64, bright and clean degree of 0. 8, the work roll bearings are made of high self-aligning bearing capacity of bearing, friction small, usually by power, host, and electric control parts, etc. Must pay attention to the dust, appropriate and must be grounded when using line. Using the working principle of the roller, make sheet metal under the tablet, repeatedly between leveling roll deformation, eliminate stress, achieve the goal of leveling.

general according to the material thickness to adjust height of roller, and turn away empty try check tablet machine operation personnel to concentration, listen carefully to the voice is normal, mechanical operation in the process must be forbidden to talk with others. Many people work at the same time to have someone who's in charge, directing it is forbidden to stand on others should pay attention to safety when the feed plate. Must be careful not to risk.

and surface can not have sediment, convex welding slag, steam and oil content, such as the operator according to the requirements for equipment lubrication. Flat plate structure is compact, the products of our production is stable and reliable performance, low noise. We hope our products can bring you good benefits.
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