The structure of the automatic woodworking sander

by:Gewinn     2020-06-18
吗? 吗? First, some automatic woodworking sander fuselage, linking to the accuracy of some of the most important is up and down beam, because of its involvement may to board processing line running changchun carpenter woodworking sander, to guaranteeing each machining group can fine things. There are two types of current important beams: first: aluminum alloy material, a cast molding, second: cast iron bar. This, carpentry sand GuangJiChang home, aluminum alloy beam is older than the force of main point, as the density of fine and straightness are far better than cast iron. Acceptance of aluminum alloy beam current plan is an important scope of several large manufacturers. Second, automatic key some woodworking sander fuselage, carpentry sanding machine, fuselage base. Elder than force method is steel plate laser cutting, welded together at a time. Interest is the fuselage built stable form, and then increase the solid model of the machine. Than force behind the main point is the skeleton of welding, and then added steel, defect is the difference in stability than force, hercynian carpentry sanding machine, is a little low price. Third, numerical control module is available at that time all the important manufacturer independent plan, some have been applied for patent protection, feed rate have been arrived at senior level abroad. Current than the force of forefathers PLC LG series, series and so on. Fourth, each group structure, structure of root is like. Are the credentials practice processing need to increase or screening of the corresponding group.
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