The structure of the simple introduction to woodworking band saw machine

by:Gewinn     2020-04-27
Woodworking band saw here to tell you about the structure of: article saw wheel points have a picture of the type of saw wheel and the picture of panel saw wheel; On the vertical saw saw wheel traction wheel, under general saw wheel as the driven pulley, saw wheel weight should be lighter than the saw on 2. 5 ~ 5 times. The band saw blade cutting speed is usually 30 ~ 60 m/s. Saw wheel on the lifting device is used for loading and unloading and adjust the elastic band saw blade; Saw wheel back on prone device used to prevent the band saw blade in sawing off from saw wheel. On the band saw blade tensioning device can give saw wheel with elastic, guarantee that the band saw blade in the operation of the degree of tension stability; The old USES the spring or the lever and weight mechanism, new adopts pneumatic, hydraulic tensioning device. Guide, commonly known as saw card to prevent the distortion of the band saw blade when cutting or swing; Saw card under fixed on the lathe bed bottom, saw card can be adjusted along the vertical slide up and down; Saw card has roller type and sliding block type structure, sliding block type is made from hardwood or wearing plastic. Band sawing machine is widely used in wood industry, various models, according to the process of use can be divided into: large band saw, and cutting band saw, and fine woodworking band saw machine; According to the saw wheel position on points: vertical, horizontal and tilting, vertical points again: type right and left; According to the band sawing machine installation points: fixed and mobile; According to the combination of the Numbers: ordinary band sawing machine and to be more sawing machine, etc. Now we have a certain understanding about the structure of woodworking band saw. A: about woodworking cutter article introduces the development trend of the next: you know the application of full automatic linear edge banding machine
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