The structure of woodworking drilling is introduced

by:Gewinn     2020-09-24
Woodworking drilling structure introduced

the base (1) base is one of the important parts of the whole woodworking drilling holes, it is mainly used to support other components. The design of a multi-axis drilling machine base to withstand the pressure, meet the bending strength of enough, and have the effect of vibration absorption. Woodworking drilling the stability of the base to make the machine does not produce at work, working performance is stable and does not affect the machining accuracy of machine tool, and a cushioning effect. So the base design should consider when contact with the ground stability, generally for contacts.

(2) the workbench workbench leave work is a part, is a major part of the woodworking drilling holes. This part is combined with the base, and on the base. Workbench design should be considered and drill template parallelism, so as to ensure the workpiece drilling of vertical, so as to ensure the machining accuracy.

3. Pillar in woodworking drilling design, column not only plays a role of guide rail, and the supporting role of spindle box and motor. The fourth root when the design guide of flat degree is an important problem. Because upward along a guide rail workpiece feeding movement, guide the parallel degree of influence of the workpiece hole centerline axis relative to the cutting tool alignment, therefore in the guide to strict parallelism when installation. Because of the spindle box is fixed on the upright post, so also affects the verticality of the cutting tool with horizontal plane, so we must make each parts when it is assembled to achieve accuracy.

(4) positioning to institutions of hole processing is a very difficult process, if not good make machining parts localization and intensify, may make the process of hole can't meet the requirements of part of the technical requirements, usually may be processed into inclined hole, inside not cylindrical parts, and may become the oval, seriously affected the quality of the parts, resulting in a scrap parts, greatly improving the processing cost. In the process of assembly, locating the center line of the tightening device and the main shaft on the spindle center line of alignment, to complete the positioning of the parts, thus to improve the positioning precision.

(5) the spindle box spindle box is used to decorate carpentry row drilling work spindle and its drive parts and the corresponding additional institutions. It through according to certain ratio transmission gear, the power from power power head power box and motor parts, passed to each work spindle, to obtain the required speed and steering, etc.

6 tools and regulating handle
the cutter is mainly used for processing parts used. The design of multi-axis drilling machine belongs to special woodworking drill, only one type of workpieces, so only design a kind of the size of the cutter is enough. Regulating handle is used to adjust the tool installed size of the parts.

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