The superiority of numerical control woodworking lathe which aspects

by:Gewinn     2020-03-27
Numerical control woodworking lathe in modern production, plays a very important role, is an indispensable component of modern production, its production efficiency is also with the continuous improvement of technical level is rising. Compared with the ordinary wood lathe, numerical control woodworking lathe made many improvements in the structure and transmission and improve. In summary, mainly manifested in the following aspects: 1, high rigidity. Numerical control woodworking lathe to work under high speed and heavy load conditions, therefore, lathe body, columns, spindle, workbench, tool post, such as main components, all needs to have high rigidity, to reduce the deformation and vibration in the work. 2, high sensitivity. Numerical control woodworking lathe moving parts has high sensitivity, workbench, tool holder and other moving parts, driven by ac or dc servo motor, using the ball screw drive, the positioning precision is improved and the running smoothness. Usually use rolling guide rail components, plastic guideway and hydrostatic guideway, in order to reduce friction, without crawling phenomenon in the low speed movement. 3, high vibration. Numerical control woodworking lathe few moving parts, in addition to high rigidity, high sensitivity, but also has high vibration, which reduce vibration under the condition of high speed and heavy cutting, to ensure high precision and high surface quality of machining parts. 4, small thermal deformation numerical control woodworking lathe processing. Process automation and the development of precision machining, CNC lathe processing precision and accuracy stability of higher and higher demands are proposed. Lathe spindle, workbench, head of the moving parts in motion will produce heat, resulting in a corresponding thermal deformation. In order to ensure the movement precision of parts, which requires less calorific value of the moving parts, to prevent excessive thermal deformation. 5, maintain high precision. Numerical control woodworking lathe should maintain a high equipment readiness and availability, the Lord does not require CNC woodworking lathe has high stability and precision, service life in guarantee as much as possible to reduce the electrical and mechanical failure at the same time, try not to lose accuracy in the process of long-term use. 6, high reliability. Under the condition of automatic or semi-automatic nc woodworking lathe work, especially in flexible manufacturing system of numerical control lathe, can realize unmanned management in operation throughout the day, which requires the numerical control lathe with high reliability. Therefore, the reliability of numerical control device and the lathe structure was high, such as frequent actions in the working process of the tool change mechanism, tray, workpiece switching device, such as components, must ensure that in the long-term work very reliable. In addition, the introduction of lathe mechanism fault diagnosis system and adaptive control system, optimization of cutting parameter, etc. , also conduce to numerical control woodworking lathe work reliably.
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