The technical features of numerical control woodworking lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-19
Numerical control woodworking lathe in machining precision, automation, production efficiency, the labor intensity and so on various aspects has incomparable advantage over ordinary lathe, but buying especially large CNC lathe CNC lathe is expensive, often makes many users and sonic step, especially developing countries like China funds is limited, therefore, most want to buy machinery factory and can't afford to buy a CNC lathe. How to obtain numerical control lathe with less investment, is a problem worthy to be discussed. Can not buy the numerical control lathe for upgrading existing lathe, make it into a numerical control woodworking lathe? The answer is yes. A few years to upgrade experience tells us that it is worth doing, not only practical performance good, short cycle, and can save a lot of money. By modification of the lathe, the greater the savings. Here is my company in the numerical control of remanufacturing instance: the right tool post the z axis. Use imported ball screw to replace the original trapezoidal screw, 63×10×3600毫米) Remove light poles drive, increase the servo motor driver blew the z axis guide trim scraping the z axis pressure plate, strip. Design and manufacture of electric control system of lathe. Choose fanuc 0 it nc system choose fanuc ac digital servo motor selection of domestic joint venture low-voltage electronic component design and development lathe control logic diagram. Finally, the numerical control woodworking lathe electrical and mechanical alignment. On lathe the x axis and z axis movement debugging debugging on the lathe geometric accuracy of precision lathe coordinate debugging, shafts with double-frequency laser detection accuracy. Adjustment of the lathe auxiliary function and the continuous idling lathe for 36 hours. After transforming CNC woodworking lathe performance is stable, reliable, verified by more than a year of production, meet the requirements of the reform. 1 million yuan of modification cost equivalent to only buy 1/15 of the numerical control lathe, for the user to save a lot of money. The lathe for hydropower plant production equipment out vigorously in the volute, created the output value of tens of millions of yuan.
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