The third generation of German Swiss products will be unveiled at EMO 2009

by:Gewinn     2022-05-19
The 2009 European Machine Tool Exhibition (EMO 2009) will be held at the Milan International Exhibition Center in Italy from October 5th to 10th. It is reported that the world's leading professional manufacturer of driven tool holders for turning centers - ESA EPPINGER GmbH (Booth No.: No. C17, Hall 4) will bring the third generation of driven tool holders and Elf series quick-change adapters Exhibit. It is understood that this third-generation driven tool holder combines high rigidity, high precision and high flexibility, realizes off-line centralized tool setting of turning center tools, and quickly replaces them, which meets the requirements of modern intensive production and can effectively save money Machine downtime adjustment time, extended tool life and significantly lower cost per workpiece. In this exhibition, the exhibits of German Ruipin Company include: the third-generation driven tool holders with various VDI and BMT interfaces and the Elf series quick-change adapters, various adjustable-angle driven tool holders, two-way machining tool holders, lifting and lowering Speed u200bu200btool holder, false Y-axis tool holder, gear hobbing tool holder and other special purpose tool holders.
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