The transformation of CNC woodworking machine

by:Gewinn     2020-04-14
Numerical control woodworking machine the transformation of the development of China's machine tool industry growth situation, and for the first time to become the first big international machine tool manufacturing. China became the first machine tool manufacturing power does not mean that our country's international machine tool technology as the first international, although its China machine tool industry is the first in the world, but in general, we also have a big gap, we need to catch up with the step by step to have a long distance, to achieving manufacturing powerhouse, must continue the adjustment of industrial structure in our country, continue to independent innovation. Perfecting constantly upgrade on the one hand, the central government also made a lot of policies and measures, and made of 2012 strong economic structural adjustment, improve the quality and efficiency, and a series of corresponding measures, national macroscopic support to the machine tool accessories in China has brought the good opportunity. Today, although its China machine tool industry is the first in the world, but also is the world's first importer, still is the main imports on high-end machine tools in our country, although we have very good industrial chain, but disadvantages excelsior high-grade machine tool products, all of these shows, we must speed up the pace, machine tool technology innovation and upgrade, this also will be the most important task of China's manufacturing industry. More numerical control woodworking machine: WWW. gmhwjx。 com
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