The United States develops new grinding technology to improve the adjustment speed of grinding machines

by:Gewinn     2022-04-25
United Grinding Technologies Inc. is preparing to use a new CNC grinding wheel dressing technology in its BlohmPlanomat creep feed grinder, which can generate grinding wheel profiles without the use of dressing tools, increasing grinding wheel dressing and grinding machine adjustment speed . This new technology uses a set of universal diamond shaped dressing discs to profile the grinding wheel. Combined with the newly developed Profile software for BlohmPlanomat, users can carry out complex grinding wheel profiles and generate grinding programs. Profile software generates a CNC dressing trajectory from the CAD file of the desired grinding wheel profile and downloads it into the grinding machine's control software. Using the Profile software, the working process of the machine tool and the movement on all axes of the machine tool can also be simulated offline. BlohmPlanomat grinding machines are available in 5 different models with different table sizes. It adopts a unique spindle drive mode, and the spindle speed ranges from 1700 to 8300r/min. In addition, all its axial linear guides are equipped with ball screw drives, AC servo motors and direct measurement feedback systems.
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