The US die-casting mold industry will also be at the world's advanced level

by:Gewinn     2022-04-27
The die-casting industry has become the most influential industry category in the foundry industry. At present, the international die-casting industry giant is still the United States. With its earlier historical development, the United States has precipitated and accumulated rich experience in die-casting technology. Through the implementation of a standardized production system, the United States has made the development level of die-casting molds in the United States in terms of complexity, large-scale, precision, high performance, and long life for a long time. at the world's leading level. It is understood that the United States has always been known to the world for its high level of technology. It has long controlled the technical level of mid-to-high-end products and high-end fields in the die-casting mold industry, occupying a particularly large advantage. With the continuous strengthening of the market competitiveness of the die-casting industry, the accelerating pace of the era of meager profits, the huge demand stimulus of the domestic automobile industry and the continuous rise in the price of raw materials, the die-casting industry in the United States is seeking new opportunities for development, constantly expanding the market and accelerating the expansion of enterprises to overseas markets. The transfer efforts, and strive to find the domestic export market for die-casting mold products.
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