The use of multiple rows drill bit process

by:Gewinn     2020-04-26
A: many rows drill bit not installed on the equipment, should be packed in a special box, used to avoid damage due to vibration or collision accident. 2: before using, exclusive box to retrieve multiple rows from the drilling and installation to be immediately after the spindle automatic bit change tools or put the rolls, platoon drill, platoon drill once finished with the back on the box. More than three: be careful when platoon drill bit diameter measuring attention, using the measuring tool microscope and other instruments, shall not directly contact to avoid a bit bruised. Four: different nc drilling machine for locating ring using the results of different, can use and can not be used, if using locating ring to ensure the accuracy of the depth of its installation, if do not use the locating ring is much attention carbide woodworking drill loaded on the spindle elongation, elongation at adjust to consistently accurate, multi-axis drilling machine more serious attention. Each spindle should have the same line of drill hole depth more consistent, in order to avoid the multiple rows or unable to drill to drill a drill through mesa plate and cause unnecessary waste of materials.
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