The use of the numerical control woodworking machinery lubricator

by:Gewinn     2020-04-07
Numerical control woodworking machinery is now the use of wood processing enterprises the main equipment, its processing effect, high precision which can realize automation of processing. Careful friend will find on each numerical control woodworking machinery has a lubricator, so the oiler should be how to use? The following is to introduce to you. 1, numerical control woodworking machinery for each machine has a lubricator, operators to cheer on time to the oiler. 2, use the oiler instructions: SET key: click this button for about 2 seconds to loosen LUB time can be SET, time digits adjustment need to continue to press SET key at a time, hold the button again about 2 seconds to loosen INT time can be SET up, continue to click this button for 2 seconds after hear sirens, SET up. Key: can modify action ( 1 - 999 seconds) , intermittent ( 1 - 999 points) The time value. Above is the use of the numerical control woodworking machinery lubricator, hope to be of service.
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