The use of the second-hand woodworking machinery engineering confidential matters

by:Gewinn     2020-09-27
Machine is one of the common used woodworking machinery, use makeup unit should pay attention to what matters?

a, the gas supply gas circuit work closely with electrical use.

2, adjust the one-way throttle valve, to ensure that the material concession cylinder synchronization, otherwise will seriously affect the life of the concession cylinder.

3, makeup should keep the equipment section of material balance for the first time, every other row of stitching line, keep all pages after the spell, then withdraw board, makeup, prolong the service life of equipment.

4, jointing machine rotates, hanging on both sides of the cylinder must be returned in advance support panel.

5 specific pressure on stock, it is forbidden to clamp the rack to continue forward, to avoid a major equipment peccancy operation accidents. ( Not automatically stop when, should be promptly cut off the power supply, check whether the travel switch xk 2 and 3 xk is failure) ;

6, will the wood block and other blocking specific rotary clip space clean, make the machine run smoothly.

jointing machine working principle is: use the zener voltage regulator tube characteristics, can be reached several hundred MHZ frequency of high frequency signal, the circuit as shown. Signal is taken from the output terminal V01, single frequency signal, which can be used to alignment the resonant frequency tuning circuit. Signal is taken from the output V02, broad spectrum high frequency signal, can be in a superheterodyne receiver input resonant circuit and the unit adjustment between vibration tuned circuit. Generator frequency range for l00kHz ~ 27 MHZ, is divided into five band 100 KHZ to 300 KHZ ~ lMHz ~ 3 MHZ ~ 9 MHZ ~ 27 MHZ. The signal generator output voltage of about 9 mv. Ll ~ L5 coil winding on the skeleton with fine-tuning of the magnetic core, Ll ~ L3 & Phi; 1 mm of enameled wire, L4, L5, use & Phi; 2 mm of enameled wire. Ll ~ L5 number of turns for 270 + 270260,80,30 and 10 turns. Assembly is completed with a standard calibration signal generator, is made on the control of the variable capacitor C3 and frequency calibration.
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