The use of wood lathe attention to the problem of the safety of the electricity

by:Gewinn     2020-04-29
Since scientists invented the electricity, our life to become rich and colorful, TV set, computer, electric fans, air conditioning, etc. , are all need to use electricity, you can see how important it is to our life. Electricity although good, but once you get an electric shock, it is not fun, light person in the hospital, the person that weigh, visible how big electric power. So we also should pay more attention to the problem of electricity, more should pay attention to when using the machine, in particular, some large machinery, such as wood lathe this machine also can have safe electricity regulation, please be sure to abide by it. This knowledge today to tell you about. A, domestic production of machine tools, general three-phase voltage 380 v, 50 hz, with our country's power supply voltage is consistent, can be directly. Second, the import lathe, may be inconsistent with China's power supply voltage, import machines are equipped with power transformer, choose to be confirmed. Third, pay attention to the power supply is stable, if the voltage fluctuation is large, the harm the CNC woodworking lathe, may need to add stabilizer. Four, the power phase sequence to avoid wrong, wrong can lead to blown fuse, causing unnecessary trouble. That is about the use of wood lathe all knowledge, pay attention to the safety of the electricity problem whether you use wood lathe, hope you can safely use electricity.
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