The use of woodworking machinery need to be careful

by:Gewinn     2020-04-30
The use of machinery and tools brought a lot of convenience to our life, very save energy. , of course, you must be aware of when we were in the use of woodworking machinery and careful, otherwise easy to good incident a bad thing. Before the actual operating woodworking machinery, commissioning steps must be conducted to ensure parts all work, also to a general view of operating environment, to ensure the safety of environment can begin operations. Operators should wear good professional work clothes, if not also prohibited to wear loose clothes and long hair into the working area, in case the clothing hair immodesty haul in woodworking machinery in the accident. If emergency and abnormal situation encountered in the operation, should be timely cut off power supply. Need strict attention is, must be one-way use switch, fail to open the switch. For woodworking machinery in the process of our work, don't be taken off by hand, should wait until the machine work is over, the disconnected, clean again.
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