The use of woodworking machinery polishing machine method and matters that should pay attention to

by:Gewinn     2020-05-02
Woodworking machinery industry in the development of more and more good, woodworking machinery and equipment application is more and more widely, here we come to know about the polishing machine structure and operation of the note. Polishing machine is composed of base, selling, a polishing cloth, polishing mask, cover basic components, etc. Motor fixed on the base, the fixed pads with the taper sleeve through screws are connected to the motor shaft. Polishing cloth by ring clamp on the pads, motor through the base of the switch power supply after starting, usable hand to pressure on the sample in the rotation of polishing pads. Join in the process of polishing and polishing liquid can be fixed on the base of plastic plate drainage pipe into side dish in the polishing machine. Polishing cover and the cover can prevent dust and other sundry on the machine when not in use on the polishing cloth and affect the use effect. Polishing machine polishing, grinding surface and sample pads should be absolutely parallel and evenly gently press on the pads, pay attention to prevent fly out of sample and the new grinding crack due to pressure is too great. At the same time should also make sample rotation and moving back and forth along the wheel radius direction, in order to avoid local wear too fast in the process of polishing polishing cloth to keep adding powder slurry, keep polishing cloth certain humidity. Too much humidity can abate polishing grinding crack effect, make the hard phase in the sample presents projection and non-metallic inclusions in steel and cast iron to produce graphite phase in the tailing phenomenon; Humidity too hours, due to the friction heat production can make the sample temperature, lubrication, grinding surface loses luster, appear even dark spots, light alloy will wound surface. In order to achieve the purpose of rough cast, low rotary speed, had better not more than 500 r/min. Polishing time should be longer than the time needed for removing scratches, because also remove deformation layer. Lackluster coarse cast after grinding surface is smooth, but, under the microscope has a uniform meticulous grinding crack, fine buffing to be eliminated. Fine buffing wheel speed can be appropriately increased, when to throw away the coarse polishing time damage layer is advisable. After fine buffing mill bright as a mirror, under the condition of the bright field microscope can't see the scratches, but under the condition of phase contrast light is still visible to the grinding crack. Polishing machine operation is the key to try to get the maximum polishing rate, in order to remove polishing when the damage layer as soon as possible. At the same time also want to make polishing damaged layer does not affect the final observation to the organization, namely not cause false organization. The former requires the use of relatively coarse grinding, polishing rate to the larger in order to make sure there are damage layer to remove the grinding, polishing damaged layer is deeper; The latter requires the use of the finest materials, polishing damaged layer is shallow, but the polishing rate is low. The best way to solve this contradiction is the polishing is divided into two stages. Coarse behind the purpose is to remove the grinding damage layer, this phase should have maximum rate of polishing, the surface layer of rough cast formation damage is a secondary consideration, but also should be as small as possible; The second is the essence behind ( Or eventually throw) , its purpose is to remove the coarse surface damage, make the polishing damage to a minimum. Polishing machine polishing quality serious influence the organizational structure of the sample, has gradually caused the attention of the experts. In recent years, both at home and abroad on the performance of polishing machine made a lot of research work, developed many new models, a new generation of polishing equipment, is developing from the original manual operation be all kinds of semi-automatic and fully automatic polishing machine. Below is the performance and characteristics of several kinds of commonly used mechanical polishing machine. Throw light machine for steel, aluminum, copper and other metal products, surface effect and tube, and dozens of original accessories to meet different needs, easily create various precision, wiredrawing, wavy lines, marbled dumb smooth surface, mirror, etc. , fast repair deep scratches and minor scratches, quick grinding and polishing; Weld, shuikou mark, mark oxide film, stains and paint, etc. , suitable for deburring, form a rounded corners, decorative metal processing, no shadow formed in the process of machining, transition zone, and decorative surface is uneven and so on, is an important equipment of metal products production line. Polishing machine structure is simple, still need to correct use, daily maintenance, use the following points should be paid attention to. Polishing machine continuous work time is too long, polishing roller friction heating temperature is high, easy to scald leather surface, need to cool before operation. Before, during and after the work should be clean and polished surface of the roll, wax and keep the roller surface smooth and clean. Use, appropriate control feeding roller pressure, in order to avoid too much resistance, electric heating is easy to burn out. Completes the transmission chain of the rotating parts and smooth, keep accurate and reliable transmission. Safety precautions: first, using high-speed polishing machine, dealing with the environment to do the following check the operator's hand, foot to stay away from rotating polishing head. The operator must be safe. Polishing area shall not exceed the length of the power cord. The operator may not be on the power cord or the power cord into the polishing head. The operator shall not without authorization to sell the operation handle. When stop, it is necessary to completely stop rotating at high speed polisher, can loosen the handle. You can't use polishing pad polishing with dust and dirt. Fouling too much polishing pad to clean, with the change in time. Change, installing a polishing pad, must cut off power supply. Second, found the following circumstance, shall not be used high-speed polishing machine operators are not trained. Is abnormal high speed polisher. The operator has not studied 'safety operation procedures. Three, the storage of high-speed polishing machine to cut off the power supply. Lean back, rear wheel landing on deposit. Not in outdoor storage, and should be stored in dry place.
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