The various parts of the woodworking machinery component functions is introduced

by:Gewinn     2020-09-26
Woodworking machinery each component functions introduced

early milling: use double milling cutter for cutting board saw cutting saw processed ripple marks, burr or vertical phenomenon, not to decorate, in order to achieve better sealing side effect. Make the joint more closely with plate edge banding, integrity and beautiful degree is better.

glue sealing side, through the special structure, make the sealing side of plank material two-sided glue evenly and sealing side, guarantee more strong adhesive force. Neck:

by precision linear guide movement, using high-speed motor automatic tracking and high frequency rapid profiling cutting structure, ensure the cut surface level off is smooth.

refinement: adopt modeling high-speed motor automatic tracking and high frequency structure, ensure upper and lower part of the board of trimming the level off is smooth. Used to repair to board processing and edge banding the extra edge banding material. Refinement for R knife. Mainly used for PVC, acrylic board type furniture, edge banding to 0. More than 8 mm thick for edge banding.

scraping edge: used to eliminate the trimming ripple caused by the linear motion of the cutting process, make a plate from top to bottom part more smooth and neat.

polishing: good plank with cotton polishing wheel cleaning processing, make through polishing sealing side end face more smooth.

slot: used for chest side panel and floor directly grooving, saw the process of reducing more convenient; Can also be used for door plank aluminum package edge slot.

the edge banding hot melt adhesive performance is affected by temperature, so in the process of sealing side, the temperature is very need to pay attention to indicators. When the sealing side of hot melt adhesive temperature, substrate temperature, sealing side material temperature and working environment ( Semi-automatic sealing side machine in the workshop) The sealing side temperature are very important parameters. In semi-automatic sealing side machine due to the adhesive coating on the substrate, woodworking machinery substrate temperature is too low will make the hot melt adhesive curing in advance, which can lead to glue can stick on the base material, but material stick not sealing side, the temperature of the base material you'd better keep in 20 & deg; C above. Semi-automatic sealing side machine working environment temperature will affect the adhesive curing speed.
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